• Get an Internship!

With permission, students have the option of taking DSS 720: Internship twice (6 credits).  Each iteration of DSS 720 requires a 10-15 page paper, which describes how the student’s specific field experience and duties relates to the DSS program of study. The paper submitted for a second iteration of DSS 720 can build upon the paper submitted for the first iteration, but must be substantively different. Ideally, DSS 720 should not be taken until after the second semester, so that the student has had occasion to reflect upon program coursework and can incorporate broader knowledge of the internship site’s function and overall experience into the paper(s).

It is the student’s responsibility to seek out and obtain an internship. Faculty will assist in this process, but student initiative in soliciting internships often is successful. Ambassador Joseph and Dr. Koch coordinate the internship program and should be contacted prior to the semester in which a student plans to pursue an internship.

At the beginning of the semester, students must submit the Internship Application and Approval form to Ambassador Joseph and Dr. Koch. Near the completion of the internship, the internship supervisor must complete the Professional Development Assessment. The student is responsible to send this form to the internship supervisor.

Download the Internship Application and Approval form

Download the Professional Development Assessment form