Study Abroad

Study in the Czech Republic!

DSS has an established relationship with the prestigious Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. Students who participate in our exchange program spend one semester at Masaryk while enrolled in 3 courses of DSS 796 Directed Reading. This enrollment framework benefits our students so that the credits transfer easily and they may stay on track for graduation. Tuition for these 3 courses is charged at an in-state rate, regardless of student’s “home” state and supplemental fees remain the same under this exchange program.

One advantage of the exchange program is that the living expenses in Brno are considerably lower than Washington DC. Perhaps the biggest advantage is the cultural experience of living abroad, which includes immersion opportunities and enables students to freely exchange ideas with others who may have an alternate world view. Brno is approximately 120 miles from Prague and opportunities to travel around Europe are plentiful.

Interested students should contact DSS Administration at least one semester prior to the preferred semester abroad.