Petr Suchy, PhD

DSS 705

Professional Experience

Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic, Faculty of Social Studies Department Head, Department of International Relations & European Studies, 2006-Present

  • Head of Department with 888 students (March 2012) enrolled in undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs in European Studies, International Relations, and graduate programs in European Politics and in Energy Security

Professor, Department of International Relations & European Studies, 2002-Present

  • Course expertise: Security in the Nuclear Age, International/Transnational  Organizations and European Politics, Europe and Global Politics, Actors of U.S. Foreign Policy, Foreign Policy of the United States of America            

Missouri State University, Graduate Department of Defense and Strategic Studies Faculty, 2009-Present

  • DSS 705: NATO and European Security Challenges                  

Education Fulbright American Studies Institute in U.S. Foreign Policy, University of South Carolina in Columbia, July-August 2002

Ph.D., Political Science, Masaryk University, 2002

M.A., Political Science, Masaryk University, 1998

B.S., Political Science, Masaryk University, 1996


  • HONKOVÁ, J.;  SUCHÝ, P.,  Jaderné odstrašování a koncept MAD ve vzájemných vztazích Spojených států a Ruské federace.  (Deterrence and MAD in the Relations between the U.S.A. and Russian Federation).  Obrana a strategie 1/2010, pp. 79-99.
  • DANČÁK, B.;  SUCHÝ, P., Participation in  Missile Defense within Transatlantic Framework: A View from the Czech Republic.  Central European Review, Warsaw, May-June 2007, pp. 11-15.