Colin S. Gray, PhD

DSS 634

Professional Experience

Professor and Director, Centre for Strategic Studies, University of  Reading, 2000-Present

Missouri State University, Graduate Department of Defense and Strategic Studies Faculty,2006-Present

  • DSS 634: Geopolitics of Conflict and Accommodation

Senior Scholar, National Institute for Public Policy, 1994-Present

Director, Centre for Security Studies and Professor of International Politics University of Hull, 1993-1999

Founding President, National Security Research, Inc., 1983-1993

Member, President’s General Advisory Committee on Arms Control and Disarmament, 1982-1987

Founding Chairman, National Institute for Public Policy, 1981-1993

Director, National Security Studies, Hudson Institute, Croton-on-Hudson, 1976-1981

  • Served as an advisor to the British Labor Government’s Strategic Defence Review, 1997-1998

Publications and Lectures

Dr. Gray is the author of over 30 books.  His most recent is The Strategy Bridge, Theory for Practice (Oxford University Press), 2011.  He has published many articles in such journals as Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, Survival, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Washington Quarterly, National Interest, and International Security.  He has lectured widely on defense and foreign affairs subjects in Europe and North America, as well as in China, Israel and Australia.

Education D.Phil., International Politics, Oxford University, Lincoln College, 1970 B.A., Economics With Honors, University of Manchester, 1965