Scholarships and Financial Aid

You can earn scholarships based on your merit and academic performance.

Active military members can also earn tuition discounts.

Get a scholarship

You can apply for a defense and strategic studies scholarship. Send a request letter directly to our school.

You’re considered for all scholarships in which you’re eligible.

If you send a scholarship request letter

Outline your:

  • Professional skills.
  • Background and experiences along with financial needs.

Also include an unofficial transcript and biographical sketch.

Submit your scholarship request letter

Email your letter to scholarship coordinator Kathy Fedorchak at

Address your letter to the Missouri State University Defense and Strategic Studies Scholarship Board.

More options

You may also qualify for scholarships from the Reynolds College of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, additional university-wide scholarships or financial aid.

For more information, refer to the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Graduate assistantship

You can apply for a graduate assistantship during your application process.

A graduate assistantship covers your tuition costs for a master's degree.

Tuition discount for specific military members

Serving your country? You can save money on your college education.

Specific military members can qualify for Missouri State’s in-state tuition rate. You’ll complete your master’s degree at a lower cost.

Two requirements

You must meet both requirements for the tuition discount.

  • Active duty in U.S. military
  • Assigned to Maryland, Virginia or Washington, D.C.

Contact us for more information.