Department of Defense and Strategic Studies

DSS student Las Bryner receives congratulations from the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, Kari Bingen, at the 2019 department commencement ceremony.

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Graduate programs

All programs are offered 100% online. You can also take seated classes, or a hybrid of seated/online.

Department head John Rose giving guest lecture at Missouri State.

Defense and strategic studies MS

Rise to the challenges of national and global security.

DSS student speaking to audience at 2020 academic symposium.

Defense and strategic studies

Earn a professional doctoral degree. Do advanced study in security and policy.


Don’t have time for a full degree? Certificates, which require fewer courses, can enhance your credentials and training.

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Defense and strategic studies

Have a better understanding of key issues in defense, security and strategy.

Missile launch.

Countering weapons of mass destruction

Advise on WMD strategy and policy.

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