Dennis Bowden, MA

DSS 713 Intelligence, Counterintelligence and Covert Action

Professional Experience

Executive intelligence officer with 26 years of experience performing, leading and  managing analysis in the Central Intelligence Agency and in the Intelligence Community. He also served in the White House, Department of Sate, the FBI, and the Department of Homeland Security. Professor Bowden is a frequent public speaker on the challenges facing the Intelligence Community and is a guest blogger for CIA's Emerging Trends staff. 

LMI, Account Executive for Intelligence Programs, 2013-Present

  • Providing analytic and organizational support to the Intelligence Community.

Missouri State University, Graduate Department of Defense and Strategic Studies Faculty, 2011-Present

  • DSS 713:  Intelligence, Counterintelligence, and Covert Action                  

Central Intelligence Agency, Directorate of Intelligence Director, 2008-2011

  • Led a unit of  several hundred people who provided unique analytic services ranging from the planning, review, and dissemination of the President’s Daily Briefing—including  all CIA WMD analysis for the President and executive U.S. military and civilian policymakers.
  • Established the office as CIA’s analytic center for innovation by providing leadership in Web 2.0 applications, computer-based interactive graphics, and on-line secure dissemination of most CIA HUMINT, open-source, and finished intelligence products.                   

Member, CIA Directorate of Intelligence  Corporate Board, 2007-2011

  • Served as a final reviewer for CIA content of the President’s Daily Briefing, including all WMD-related topics such as foreign technology developments, threats from proliferation, and  WMD counterterrorism issues.

Deputy Director, Office of Collection Strategies and Analysis, 2007-2008

  • Led CIA’s efforts to bridge the gap between analysis and the Intelligence Community’s wide range of technical collection programs. Utilizing deep knowledge of cutting-edge surveillance satellites and other collection systems represented CIA at a number of inter-agency executive policymaking fora.                  

Federal Bureau of Investigation Detailee, Executive Consultant to the Director, 2006-2007

  • Designed and implemented new procedures to prepare the Director for weekly meetings with the President of the United States.  Designed new construct and procedures to ensure FBI analytic work reaches the Director in a timely and accountable manner.                  

Office of Weapons Intelligence Non-Proliferation and Arms Control, 2003-2006

  • Worked with senior officials from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency to accomplish Treaty-mandated inspection functions.  Led a mid-sized independent unit of officers from NSA, NGA, and CIA in Western Europe.  Collaborated on a daily basis with senior US  Army, Air Force and Marine officers as well as with leaders from the Department  of Defense in Washington on WMD inspection activities.                  


  • M.A., Political Science, Indiana University, 1985
  • B.A., International Studies, Bradley University,1983