Internships build your experience and can give you leads on job openings.

As a defense and strategic studies student, you can receive credit toward your degree for completing an internship. Some internships even offer pay.

Internship documents

Note: Your application and approval form will differ if you're in the National Defense University (NDU) program.

You need Microsoft Word to view and print these documents.

Internship details

  • Course: DSS 720 (Internship training in DSS policy)
  • Credit hours: 3

Note: You can take this course twice, but learning objectives must be different.

Registering for your internship

To take DSS 720 and receive credit, contact your advisor prior to the semester you plan to take your internship.

Our faculty may be able to help you, but it’s your responsibility to find and secure your internship.

Near the end of your internship

Have your internship supervisor complete the professional development assessment form (.doc).

You must provide this form to your internship supervisor.

Internship requirements

Each time you take DSS 720, you must complete a 10-page paper.

When and where to take your internship

It’s best to take your internship(s) for credit after your second semester in the DSS program.

Doing this gives you time to apply what you’ve learned in your classes to your internship and paper.

Many students choose to take their internship in the summer.

In the greater Washington, D.C. area, you have access to many internship opportunities.

  • Government
  • Industry
  • Non-government organizations

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